Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

Technician repairing an AC unit.

Professional AC Parts Replacement Services

Some components of your air conditioner will lose their cutting edge functionality after being in use for a while. At times one room could be warmer than the other, or it does not work at all. Whenever you notice this with your air conditioner, there is a problem with a few parts. An air conditioner is an intricate appliance with every part relying on the other to function effectively. Take, for instance, if there is a problem with the compressor, it could mean your whole cooling system is compromised. So whenever a part of your air conditioner is damaged, you will have to repair or replace it to restore its functionality. When you notice your air conditioner is not functioning effectively, the first step you should take is to call an air conditioner service company for inspection to find out which component is faulty. To get fast and reliable air conditioner parts replacement in Flagstaff, AZ hire Executive Heating & Air Conditioning. We are the leading company in our field, and we come to you with years of experience and service. For more information or to have us replace one of your AC’s faulty parts, reach us today at (928) 440-5388.

Guarantee The Functionality of Your AC

Functionality is everything when it comes to an AC unit. Every component has to be in top shape to make sure you can regulate the temperature inside your home. If a single part has an issue, then your air conditioner will lose its efficiency. For instance, if your condenser motor is not functioning, you will not get the much needed cooling effect from your AC system. When you hire Executive Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioner parts replacement in Flagstaff, AZ expect nothing but professionalism with commendable results.

Maintain Your AC Unit

When you are having problems with your air conditioner, whether it is not cooling or it does not start at all, call Executive Heating & Air Conditioning. More often than not, this could mean there is a problem with one or a number of your AC components. When you hire us, we will provide you with quality services, all at a market-friendly price. Some of the air conditioner parts replacement service we provide in Flagstaff, AZ include the following.

  • AC Compressor Repair and Replacement: Your AC’s compressor is in charge of circulating the refrigerant. It transforms the refrigerant to gas and sends it through the cycle. In case of a malfunction, you will lose the cooling effect of your air conditioner. To restore functionality, you will have to replace it. Compressors are more likely to breakdown during the summer because of the added workload.
  • Air Conditioner Fan Repair and Replacement: The fan is an integral part of the cooling cycle. It gets the warm air from your home into the condenser so that the condenser coil can convert the refrigerant from gas to liquid to produce the cool air.
  • AC Blower Repair and Replacement: Your air conditioner blower keeps the fun running. In case it has any problems, it will affect the entire cooling cycle. Call us for repair and replacement.
  • AC Coil Cleaning and Replacement: Both the condenser and evaporator coil play a crucial part in the cooling cycle. For them to maintain functionality, they should be clean and free of dust at all times. If they are not clean, they will utilize extra energy to function, hence affecting the efficiency of your air conditioner.
  • Condenser Motor Replacement: Because the fan depends on the condenser motor to function when it is faulty, it stops. It also stops the cooling cycle because the condenser coil can no longer convert the refrigerant from gas to liquid. Condenser motors get overworked mostly during the summer. It is during this season that problems are likely to crop up if not properly maintained.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

From the evidence above, you can see that every part of your air conditioner depends on the other to achieve the cooling cycle. While you can always count on Executive Heating & Air Conditioning to do a good job when you need repairs or replacement, regular maintenance will go a long way in ensuring your unit remains efficient. We can together set up a maintenance plan that will prolong the life of your AC. This way, you can save on the money you would have spent on repairs or replacement. You can always choose to have maintenance checks as frequently as you like, but it is proper to have one at least twice every year.

Replacing parts of an indoor AC unit

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From the above information, if your air conditioner is malfunctioning, it could be because of one of the parts breaking down. In that case when you need a reliable reliable air conditioner parts replacement in Flagstaff, AZ look no further than Executive Heating & Air Conditioning. We have over 20 years of experience together with a crew of dedicated technicians who will be ready to get to work when you call. For information on our services or to schedule our craftsmen, reach us today at (928) 440-5388.